Freedom Through Education


Freedom Through Education

From very humble beginnings in 1998, Round Table India has today successfully completed 1200 schools at an approximate cost of 85 crores benefiting 750,000 underprivileged children. And the pursuit is still on. The investment in projects is growing every year and the per-capita expenditure on projects of Round Table India is approx. Rs. 50,000/-, possibly the highest amongst all service organizations in India under Freedom Through


These schools are being built in rural /semi rural areas and in slums in urban areas with the help of individual and corporate donors. Such individual and corporate donors get various benefits for partnering with Round Table India in this endeavour.

Value Additions to School infrastructure

Apart from providing the school building, several other value additions are also undertaken under the Freedom through Education program, such as  –

Ÿ     Toilets

Ÿ     Classroom furniture

Ÿ     Filtered Drinking Water System

Ÿ     Deep Tube-wells for Sanitation

Ÿ     Lights & Fans

Ÿ     Science laboratories

Ÿ     Library rooms

Ÿ     Computer rooms

Other Community service projects

Besides providing infrastructure for education, Round Table India has always been at the forefront of numerous other community service activities such as –

  1. Blood Donation Camps
  2. Limb Donations Camps
  3. Health Check up and vaccination camps
  4. Eye Microsurgeries
  5. Assisting the community during natural calamities

These are just some of the community service projects that Round Table India espouses and there are numerous more.

Partnership with Round Table India

Identifying themselves with the kind of work Round Table India is doing for the community, Kajol & Ajay DevganSabeer Bhatia, Narain KarthikeyanShankar MahadevanR. MadhavanR.K. Misra have all agreed on their own accord to support Round Table India in its mission. They are the Goodwill Ambassadors for Round Table India’s long-term project ‘Freedom Through Education.’

We are also proud of the fact that Round Table India is a Zero Overhead Organisation. Every single rupee raised for the projects goes to the projects done by Round Table India. The support we have received from State Governments viz. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal etc. has taken ‘Freedom Through Education’ project to greater heights.

A lot is being done by us but there is a crying need for more and some more. That is why the need for more collaborations and tie-ups. We seek your support and patronage in this endeavour of ours. By sharing of our resources and synergies, we are sure that the association will be mutually beneficial and rewarding.

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